Why Sally is Often Confused


Salifuze: (V) To be seriously confused for no plausible reason.

The word salifuze came about after a short story entitled Bob, Bill, Sally, and the Rainbow Parade was conceived in the middle of my Desktop Publishing class. But, Bob, Bill, Sally, and even their rainbow parade will have to be set aside until I summon up the motivation to write another blog post. You should be proud of me, this one has italics, bold letters, and a definition.

That’s right, a definition.

Your mind has officially been blown.

So, the title of this blog post isn’t making as much sense to me as it was earlier, but I guess I have described what salifuze means. Now, minions, you will scatter to all four corners of our round planet, spread it among yourselves, and put it in the dictionary. It will make me happy, and I will eat pudding. You can come only if your socks don’t match.

Anyway, this entire post was mainly an excuse to procrastinate doing my homework, which is cutting down on my sleeping time, which totally makes some sort of sick sense in my puny head.